Decision 21

Decision 21

What is Decision 21? It is an online platform that we developed with the aim of substantially improving group decision-making. Apart from voting using several voting methods, it also allows proposing options or candidates and discussions about them. Transparent results are available immediately. It is of course also possible to postpone their publication and for example, wait for the announcement of winners. Deeper analytical outputs can be carried out afterward, if the project organization, whether it is a school, city or non-profit, is interested in them.

Our competitive advantage

Proposals and voting run online on computers, mobile phones or tablets. We do not shrink away from big projects. We’ve been implementing the biggest participative budget for New York City for four years. Simultaneously, we have also prepared solutions for projects in small towns. Our platform is flexible in this respect.  

Why are you going to like our platform? 

  • 100% of data security and GDPR securing.

  • User-friendly controls. 

  • Small and big project. Decision 21 easily handles both. 

What options does Decision 21 offer?

  • SMS verification of every voter prevents misuse of voting. It is also possible to use accounts on some social networks for verification.

  • The entire voting process can run on your domain. 

  • E-mail invitations to vote can be sent out automatically, just as information about results.

  • The platform can be adapted in the case of an extensive project. 

All of our online projects run on platform Decision 21.

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