Participation at elementary and secondary schools.

By engaging pupils and students in decision-making, you will strongly improve the school atmosphere.
You will obtain stimulating feedback, increase trust and sense of belonging in the entire school community.

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School participatory budgeting (PB)

Cultivate your school community through participatory budgeting: School administration puts aside a specific financial sum, pupils and students propose projects that lead to improvement of the school environment and then they vote. School administration implements the winning proposal.



Pupils and students can, using online voting, at any time decide on things that concern them. Propose topics they want to discuss and find consensus with their schoolmates.



We have experience with

55+schools participatory budgeting projects around the world

100+school surveys, voting, parliament simulations, and more...  

For implementation of Pébéčko at elementary schools, you need one person acting as school Coordinator (teacher or pedagogical staff) who follows the instructions in the app. For secondary school Pébéčko, you need one person, so called Guide (teacher or pedagogical staff) that works with a three member student team. We know how little time and capacity teachers at primary and secondary schools generally have so we tried to accommodate them as much as possible in terms of, for example, pre-prepared materials for print (project lists, posters, diplomas), step by step guides and task checklist.

In general, it is possible to implement Pébéčko at elementary schools in three weeks. For secondary Pébéčko, we calculate about a month or five weeks. However, schools establish their own timetable that suits them the best. They for example decide that they will give pupils and students more time to propose projects or that they need more time for student campaign.

Our guides are not rigid. Coordinators and Guides can use them to learn what to do and how for the best results, but they can also adjust them to the needs and requirements of the school.


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“Po studiu na Pedagogické fakultě UK v Praze jsem se věnovala výuce. Nyní pomáhám na základních a středních školách rozšiřovat povědomí o participaci a základních demokratických principech. Přispívám k jejich realizaci v praxi prostřednictvím projektu Školní Pébéčka a dalších školních aktivit.”

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